Join us as we explore the topics that matter most to educators! 

Back to School Webinar Series

Hosted by Lcom's Director of Education, Dr. Kelli Erwin,'s Back to School Webinar Series is designed to provide you with valuable insights and strategies for effectively integrating technology into your school's curriculum. These webinars delve into teaching crucial skills such as keyboarding and exploring innovative tools that simplify the teaching and creation process. They tackle the essential topics that matter to educators in today's digital landscape.

And the best part? You can earn professional development credit hours for participating.* Participants will also receive free resources and materials designed to make it easy to implement the takeaways from each webinar. 

*Must attend webinars on date and time specified to receive PD certificate. 

Keyboarding Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

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Whether you already have a keyboarding program or are just beginning your journey, we'll provide guidance on how to ignite a passion for keyboarding in your students. Mastering the art of typing is not just a valuable life skill, but also crucial in overcoming any obstacles to successful online assessments. Join us as we delve into making keyboarding fun to revolutionize your classroom experience.

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Be a Safe & Kind Online Hero:  Celebrating Digital Citizenship

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Co-hosted by our partner, Common Sense Education, this webinar explores ways we can empower our students to be better digital citizens - to be a "safe & kind online hero." We delve into the essential skills and knowledge necessary for navigating the digital realm responsibly and ethically. From cultivating critical thinking to fostering empathy and respect online, we equip our students with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age.

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AI Tool Deep Dive:  Exploring Canva 

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Everyone seems to be jumping on the AI bandwagon, but how do we separate helpful from overhyped? Join us as we review how AI tools can assist in the classroom and as we dive deep into a popular and widely used tool, Canva. Learn how Canva revolutionizes the process of integrating technology into your classroom, making it incredibly easy and seamless. We share how this innovative free tool can assist educators in bringing creativity, communication, and collaboration to their classroom. 

Our Speakers


Kelli Erwin, Ed.D. 

Director of Education,

Dr. Kelli Erwin has been in the field of K-12 education for over 20 years as a classroom teacher, technology lab teacher, GT specialist and a district-level instructional specialist. In her role as Director of Education for, she incorporates her years of experience along with new trends and pedagogical understanding to design and create learning experiences and support resources to meet the varying needs of students and teachers.


Sue Thotz

Director of Outreach, Common Sense Education 

Sue Thotz began working for Common Sense in 2011 by providing support and training for educators and administrators on issues of digital culture and wellness. As a co-founder of Equity in Action CA, she has facilitated conferences that emphasize the importance of identity and belonging and strives to amplify marginalized voices in the education technology space. Sue is the winner of the 2023 CUE Making IT Happen Award. Prior to Common Sense, Sue was a researcher and educator. Sue holds a master's degree in public health and an undergraduate degree in zoology and chemistry.