Paper:  In Pursuit of Disruptive Tech Integration for Meaningful Learning


Tech integration in schools is key to unlocking new educational experiences and to reimagine pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning.

With so much riding on the quality and efficacy of this effort, we ask:  What constitutes meaningful tech integration?

Meaningful tech integration goes beyond simply using technology. It fuses instructional content with digital tools to reshape the framework of teaching. 

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Why Digital Literacy?

Digital literacy transforms students from technology users to digital problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and innovative designers.

Future Readiness
Future readiness starts with foundational digital skills that enable students to become nimble, proficient, and digitally literate technology users.
Empowered Learning
With digital literacy, students learn to harness educational technology to lead their learning, demonstrate their knowledge, and solve real-world problems.
Distance Learning
With distance and online learning, digital skills in computer science, digital citizenship and software use are essential to the success of students in a virtual environment.
Digital Equity
Digital literacy promotes digital equity by helping to bridge the digital readiness gap and overcome the digital use divide in classrooms, whether in person or online.