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Here's How Everyone at Your District Benefits from Learning.com


  • Map a holistic scope and sequence
  • Align to state and national standards, including ISTE, CSTA, and the Common Core
  • Enhance student performance on computer-based tests
  • Ensure a successful program roll-out with implementation support
  • Track efficacy with district and school-wide reporting

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What Makes Learning.com Different

High-Quality Curriculum Vetted by Experts

Deploy curriculum that is developed by educators specializing in instructional design and technology integration and that received the ISTE Seal of Alignment.

Align to ISTE, CSTA, and state technology and digital literacy standards, and help students meet core standards with embedded technology practice.

Comprehensive Instructional Resources

Save valuable planning time with pre-built pacing calendars, detailed scope and sequences, and digital lesson plans.

Empower teachers with in-depth support materials so they don’t need prior experience with the content, feel confident integrating it in class, and can even learn alongside students.

Built to Measure Growth

Leverage adaptive content that guides students based on performance through corrective, personalized activities and pre- and post-tests to identify where support is needed.

Measure student performance at an individual, classroom, and district level and gauge growth with year-over-year reporting.

Purposeful Technology Integration

Engage students in their learning process with interactive and gamified lessons that provide immediate feedback.

Enhance the learning experience with collaborative plugged and unplugged activities that offer opportunities for authentic, hands-on practice with the material.