Are your students ready for online assessments?


Avoid the struggle of online assessments by preparing students with digital skills

With Texas moving to fully online assessments by the end of the school year, the biggest issue facing educators with this shift is ensuring that students are being tested on their knowledge, not their preparation to engage with the technology used in online assessments.

This is why has created Prep for Online Assessments in EasyTech to help educators easily provide students with the needed digital literacy skills - computer fundamentals, typing, word processing and more - to succeed in online tests.  


Hear from students on the digital skills they need for online tests

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Tech as an enabler, not a barrier

EasyTech's Prep for Online Assessments provides instruction on valuable digital literacy skills that take "technology" out of the assessment equation. With Prep for Online Assessments, technology-related skills are not the barrier but the enabler of success for the online STAAR.





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Easy and efficient for educators to reach all students

Prep for Online Assessments by EasyTech allows teachers to easily focus students on the digital literacy skills most essential and applicable to completing online assessments by providing a carefully curated sequence created by former technology applications teachers and administrators.  

Students practice taking online assessments

Prep for Online Assessments by EasyTech includes skills practice, so students experience icons, tools and navigation similar to what they would see in online assessments. 

Yes, I want to provide my students with the digital skills needed for online assessments.

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