What is Digital Literacy? 

Our goal as educators is to prepare our students to face the challenges of tomorrow. These days, that means ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed in our digital world.

Though your students may be able to play video games and use cell phones, that doesn’t mean they have the digital literacy skills they need to be successful on online assessments, in college, or their future career in our global economy.

Download our 12 Essentials of Digital Literacy Guide to learn how you can prepare your students for success. 



• A deep dive into the basics students need to master at early grades to be successful in the classroom and beyond  

• The fundamentals of online safety and surprising stats about online usage among students

• A comprehensive overview of computational thinking, the problem-solving skills necessary for coding 


Sally Meredith Headshot

"This generation of students is immersed in a digital world. If we're not teaching them digital responsibility, then what are we doing for them? Students need to learn that there is a lot of accountability that comes with technology." 

Sally Meredith
Instructional Technology Specialist